The U.S. Pension Crisis


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The U.S. Pension Crisis

America faces its greatest financial challenge since the Great Depression: The U.S. Pension Crisis!

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If the TARP I bailout was a national emergency at $800 billion, how should we describe the $4 trillion in unfunded liabilities that exists in public and private pensions across the country today? A devastating pension crisis looms as spiking contribution costs and promised benefit payments threaten the solvency of many corporations, cities, and states. This book details how improper accounting rules misled pension managers to follow the wrong objectives, leading to a financial crisis of epic proportions. Award-winning author Ronald J. Ryan details just how the pension crisis developed and what pension decision makers need to do now to solve this dilemma. He offers a compelling strategy to reduce pension costs and reach a fully funded status. This book is not only for pension and financial professionals and policy shapers, but also for employees whose pensions and retirement expectations are at gravest risk. Read it, and you will ask intelligent questions of your organization’s pension fund managers to find out what they are, or are not doing, to protect your pension.

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